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Easing Back In

Having come back from a self-imposed blog exile, I'll just ease back in with quick hits on some of the news of the last week.

--Rumsfeld resigns. Really?!?! Because he was responsible for the Congress' incompetence of the past two years? And then the timing. Like, what, it was crucial that he makes it to November, as opposed to accepting this resignation in July? I don't get it. This is just one more piece of evidence that the White House has lost its mojo.

--McCain To Form An Exploratory Committee. While the carcass of the Republican majority was still steaming in the foyer of the Capitol, John McCain was already thinking about himself. Nice leadership. Jerk.

--So what's the difference between him forming, and being called a jerk, and Guiliani forming, but getting a pass? The difference is that McCain had a role in his party's demise, and as a celebrity had a responsibility to help maintain that majority, and he failed.

--Republicans hurry back to Washington to elect leadership. Morons. As if licking their wounds in the company of the other wounded is a better idea than maybe getting out and talking to their constituents and figuring out what they screwed up and why they couldn't close the deal.

--A word of warning: two years ago the state of Colorado elected a Democratic state legislature to go with a Republican governor in the last two years of his term. The Dems were able to pass pretty unambitious, but populist, legislation which they and the press were able to make look like they were doing the people's business. This year, as a reward, the Dems were awarded larger majorities and a Democratic governor.

The path for the Democrats back to complete power in Washington is simple: eliminate earmarks, tighten up ethics rules, and try not to do or say anything to really tick off middle America. The Colorado formula is simple to follow, and it only requires two years of discipline and team-centered thinking.

Guess the Dems are pretty happy McCain isn't one of them.

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