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Beauprez-Ritter Debate

I had a wierd confluence of events tonight which allowed me watch the last twenty minutes of the gubernatorial race tonight.

And I have to hand it to Bill Ritter--he is a very smooth candidate.

But he did say one thing which should immediately become a campaign ad, and should be hammered home by the Beauprez camp in the last seven days.

(transcript is not yet available, so this is from memory)

9NEWS' Adam Schrager: this question, Mr. Ritter, is from the Beaprez campaign. "Do you regret the decision to plea bargain so many illegal immigrants down from serious crimes to an obscure agricultural trespassing charge?

Bill Ritter: No.

Heroin addicts; pedophiles; drug distribution . . . these are pretty serious offences which Bill Ritter created a back door for.

We'll see if there's any gas left in the tank to make that case in the next seven days.

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