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Whoa. Deja Vu All Over Again

Is it just me, or has the media frenzy of the past week had an eerie familiarity?

North Korea successfully tested of a nuclear weapon late Sunday night, a senior Bush administration official confirmed to FOX News. . . .

The U.S. Geological Service, however, said it detected a 4.2-magnitude tremor at 10:35 p.m. EDT, which could mean the device was potentially deadlier than initially believed. Australia also said there was seismic confirmation that North Korea conducted a nuclear test.

So, you know, the world seems to be a pretty serious place.

So could we please get more information about Mark Foley's love life?


Why did I ask about the eerie familiarity?

Anybody remember what the big story was in August of 2001?

Does the name Gary Condit ring any bells?

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