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Uh-Oh. Is This Their Wellstone Memorial Moment?

I wrote a couple nights ago that the Dems were not--surely they were NOT--dumb enough to have another Wellstone Memorial moment to squander their advantage this year.

It's possible, just possible, I was wrong.

Enter Claire McCaskill, stage left . . . far left . . .

There may be a problem with one of the most effective television ads being run by Democrat for U.S. Senate candidate Claire McCaskill. Her campaign can't prove it is true, KMBC's Micheal Mahoney reported.

The commercial is called "Josh." It is named after Kansas Citian Josh Lansdale, a medic who served and was wounded in Iraq."

I returned from Iraq with a busted ankle and post-traumatic stress. It was six months before I could see a doctor," Lansdale said in the McCaskill ad. . . .

Mahoney reported that he went to one of the addresses for Lansdale, and for more than a week, Mahoney and the McCaskill campaign tried to contact Lansdale. Mahoney said he even asked Lansdale's mother to have him call KMBC. . . .

Talked with Colonel Jack Jackson this evening and was told, although this is not verified at this point, that the Kansas City Hospital has no record of appointments for a Josh Lansdale.

Ohh. Whoops. And, with the appropriate sense of both timing and substance, the Talent campaign has swung back.

Claire McCaskill approved the ad, she spent at least about a quarter of a million dollars airing it around the state and now she can’t prove the ad is true," said Talent senior advisor Lloyd Smith. "McCaskill can settle this right now by providing the media with the veteran’s appointment schedule as verified by the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Kansas City. If she doesn’t, Missourians are entitled to believe the ad is a fraud and that McCaskill is not telling the truth."

This has to play everywhere. If the Dems are hoping to close the deal by inventing sob stories about former military, they should at least find real military.

I suppose that just shows how little the Democrats understand the military. I mean, really? wouldn't you think SOMEONE in the campaign would know it might just be possible to authenticate their story?

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