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This Speaks For Itself

From the Sunday morning Washington Post:

Amid widespread panic in the Republican establishment about the coming midterm elections, there are two people whose confidence about GOP prospects strikes even their closest allies as almost inexplicably upbeat: President Bush and his top political adviser, Karl Rove. . . .

Now, far be it from me to question the wisdom of people who have won three consecutive elections against all odds and history, but . . .

The question is whether this is a case of justified confidence -- based on Bush's and Rove's electoral record and knowledge of the money, technology and other assets at their command -- or of self-delusion. . . .


. . . A huge effort to raise money by Bush, Vice President Cheney and first lady Laura Bush seems to be paying off: By Taylor's calculation, the various GOP campaigns and party committees will have a $55 million money advantage in the final three weeks of the campaign.

Ah. That huge money advantage ties in to this Rick O'Donnell press release from yesterday:

Coloradans for Rick O'Donnell today released record-breaking numbers from the 7th Congressional District.

In filings due this week with the Federal Election Commission, the O'Donnell campaign reports that as of Sept. 30 it has raised $2,366,063, has cash-on-hand of $775,128 and had another strong fundraising period from July 20 to Sept 30, raising $663,690.

Which is all well and good. But until this money starts getting used a little bit, I'm pretty sure I put the White House optimism in the category "whistling past the graveyard." And, in case anybody missed it, absentee voting starts any day now.

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