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Seeing Red . . .

hopefully not Cardinal red.

As in, Arizona Cardinals.

In a rare event, the Arizona Cardinals have been on national television in each of the last two weeks. And for two straight weeks, they've just barely managed to find a way to lose.

Heck, tonight they had a 23-3 lead late in the third quarter. Then they give up a defensive touchdown, one of the most trustworthy backs in the league (Edgerrin James) fumbles later which turns into another touchdown, and then the Bears run a punt back for a touchdown.

Even with all that, the truly impressive rookie QB Matt Leinart leads the Cards right down the field in position for a relatively short 40-yard field goal for the win . . . . wide left.

I couldn't help but draw mental comparisons to another team that is identified with the color red. That being the Republican Party.

Go late into the game with an advantage: 15 seats in the House, 5 in the Senate. Have a series of gaffes that let the other team into the game: Katrina, Dubai Ports, Mark Foley, Abramoff, etc. .
Make a late push to get into position: money advantage, strong economy, gas prices coming down.

Let's just see if Rove and company are better closers than the Cardinals--geez, I hope so.

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