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Re: Bill Ritter: Hang 'Em All--With Their Own Words

I'm gonna try to do something novel tonight: I'm going to "write" a post using almost none of my own words. I'm just going to give you a sample of other people's--all principals--writings about the same subject.

That way you can come to your own conclusions.


Denver Post editorial endorsement: He must have the will to seek bipartisan solutions with a divided legislature and a restless business community.

He needs firm resolve that won't wilt under political pressures.

He must see government as a force to advance the health and education of Coloradans. And, in this perilous time, to safeguard our borders from enemies, drug runners and the risks of natural disaster.

[First of all, at current, and near as anyone can tell for the near future, the legislature IS NOT divided; I guess to the Denver Post having liberal Democrats as well as moderate Democrats in the majority counts as "divided"][Yeah, I couldn't help myself]

Rocky Mountain News editorial endorsement: . . . our endorsement today is a bit of a gamble given Ritter's limited experience. It could even turn out to be a major mistake. But based on the Bill Ritter we've known over the years and watched on the campaign trail, we don't think that's likely. It will be an error only if Ritter himself proves to be a reckless liar, and we've seen no evidence for that being the case. . . .

He is not on record before this year regarding the majority of matters he'd be dealing with as governor. So there is no way to verify whether what he now describes as his opinions regarding the proper role of government in everything from business regulation to higher education are long-held convictions or the carefully designed themes of campaign consultants. . . .

Granted, some of what Ritter says makes us uneasy. He has grossly oversold renewable energy as a tool of economic development. Will he push the state to go on a perilous energy diet in the name of combating global warming, as California seems poised to do? He talks about K-12 education funding as if Colorado were in worse shape than almost every other state, when that isn't close to the truth. Will "more money" be the answer to every question regarding education reform and student achievement during his tenure? We hope not.

Bill Ritter's WebSite: Everyone must play by the same set of rules. I support existing federal laws that prohibit welfare benefits for undocumented immigrants. Nor should illegal immigrants be able to obtain a government-issued driver's license.

I support tougher enforcement along the border and swift prosecution of employers who knowingly hire undocumented workers. As Denver's former District Attorney, I know full well the frustration of repeatedly asking INS/ICE agents to retrieve convicted illegal-immigrant felons for deportation, only to be ignored and forced to release these criminals back onto our streets.

Denver Post Story: The Denver district attorney's office under gubernatorial candidate Bill Ritter approved plea bargains that prevented the deportation of illegal and legal immigrants charged with drug, assault and other crimes.

The office allowed defendants to plead guilty to trespassing on agricultural land instead of the crimes they actually were accused of 152 times from 1998 through 2004. Other counties - Jefferson, Adams and Arapahoe - had only 75 convictions combined for the crime, according to court records.

Former Denver District Attorney Norm Early, who was Ritter's predecessor, laughed when he heard about the farm charges in urban Denver. . . .

A 24-year-old man born in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, was charged in 2004 with theft and pleaded guilty to the farm charge, according to documents filed in the case by the district attorney's office. A note in the file said "refer to immigration."

That apparently didn't happen, because a few months later he was arrested in a gang-related drive-by shooting and charged with attempted murder.

Rocky Mountain News Story: Amazingly, the Rocky Mountain News has seen fit to ignore this story altogether, instead on Saturday running a story on the "new attack from the Beauprez campaign," as well as a "reprise" of its endorsement from Friday.

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