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Quick Hits

--You could have knocked me over with a light breeze to read this:

Of the two major contenders, O'Donnell is better equipped to champion thoroughgoing reforms of federal policies. He offers the promise of intelligence, energy and genuinely new ideas. . . .
Congress needs persuasive, independent thinkers to tackle the daunting issues that will face Washington in the years to come - and O'Donnell clearly fits the bill.

--The hypocricy is so thick you could cut it with a butter knife

For a law enforcement officer to break the law and be congratulated by a congressman is something all Coloradans should be disgusted by," said Ritter.

And not that I disagree . . . but where was Bill Ritter on the NIE leak? . . .or the revelation of the SWIFT financial tracking system? . . . or the revelation about the NSA terrorist surveillance program? . . . or . . . .or . . . Tell me, on the grand scale of things, which leak does more to endanger the public?

--Just what are the Democrats so upset about? Seriously, this ad does not even once mention "vote Republican" or "Democrats will get you killed"--if it wasn't for the obligatory reference to who paid for the ad, you would nover know it came from the Republicans.

And why the kneejerk outrage over this ad? Is it that the Dems know that every time the electorate is reminded of the real world (as opposed to Foley world), it tends to look to the party that takes the world seriously? That being the GOP?

--16 days until the election, and I still haven't seen any sign that the Republicans--at least the ones in my neck of the woods--are hitting hard on the strength of the economy or the weakness of the Democrates. Not feeling very encouraged, yet.

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