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One More Thing From Today's Rocky

In the article cited earlier about Pat Stryker, there is this little nugget:

The GOP is taking the challenge to Musgrave seriously. The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) had spent $968,987 in the district through the end of last week.

That is about four times what the committee has dished out - $234,891 - in the neighboring 7th District, long considered one of the biggest campaign battlegrounds in the country.

That is just disturbing. I realize that Marylin Musgrave is a high-value target for Dems, but she has substantial structural advantages in her race. Great registration advantage, incumbency, historical conservatism . . .

all the things Rick O'Donnell does NOT have going for him. And the 7th is also a high-value target.

So why has the NRCC spent more than four times the amount in the 4th as in the 7th?

Almost makes you think they gave up on it very early. Not very encouraging.

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