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Now the Rocky Is Running Interference For The Democrats

Just a sample of the three stories that appear on the front page of the Rocky Mountain News elections web page.

Ritter woos students at CU Democrats rallyTom Wanebo, of Denver, carries a man-size load Wednesday after a rally for Bill Ritter at the University of Colorado. To communicate his vision for Colorado's future, the Democratic gubernatorial candidate is visiting college campuses throughout the state over several weeks.

Awwww. Isn't that nice?

Many agree: Ritter wasn't soft as DA Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez has come out swinging in recent debates with Democrat Bill Ritter, going straight at his opponent's record as Denver district attorney.

Well, whew. That's a relief.

Beauprez toes the Republican line Some people on Capitol Hill are as predictable as the sunrise - and Rep. Bob Beauprez is one of them.

Oh. Guess he must just be a tool.

Or is that the Rocky Mountain News?

Seriously, if this is what is considered news coverage, much less balanced news coverage, I'll stick to reading blogs.

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