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Not The Answer I Was Looking For

Well, today I got an answer to a question I asked a couple nights ago.

I noticed underneath the tag line of the conclusion of a commercial for Marylin Musgrave and slamming Angie Paccione that the commercial was paid for by the National Republican Campaign Committee. Wonderful. They're in the game.

Which is just about when I noticed this story in today's Rocky:

The campaign of 4th Congressional District hopeful Angie Paccione took a hit Wednesday when the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee pulled a significant chunk of advertising time earmarked for her support.

Good. Nice Goin'.

How about we direct a little of that money at races that ARE competitive? Like, oh, I don't know, the 7th Congressional Campaign of Rick O'Donnell.

Geez, sometimes I wonder about the national strategy people. I like Rick O'Donnell, and for the most part the individual Republican candidates are good people who I like and can support. But between the observable follies of the campaign and the legislative follies of the Senate, it's really hard to make a broad case for Republicans.

A little too three stooges for me.

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