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Local Media Invested With The Democrats, As Well As The MSM?

The bewitching Mrs. BestDestiny likes getting her evening news from the local NBC affiliate, channel 9 KUSA. And so, some days, I get a smattering of what the local media is reporting as news to our little hamlet of Denver.

Today, I watched with special curiosity, given the nature of the good news this day.

What? You didn't hear either? Must have been watching the evening news, too.

Media bias is very often revealed in what stories DO NOT get reported.

For instance, on Tuesday the Dow Jones Industrial average hit all-time record highs for both inter-session trading and for closing bell. For some reason, this story got exactly zero seconds of news coverage during the four o’clock news—9News could not even be troubled to announce that the stock averages were all up for the day while flashing their numbers on the way to commercial break. In addition, there was exactly zero mention of this story during the first twenty minutes of the 5 o’clock hour. Both broadcasts, however, had plenty of time to devote 45 seconds to the story of a drunk bear.

Contrast that coverage with the number of stories 9News has run in the past 13 months titled “pain at the pump,” factor in how little coverage there has been of the sub-5% unemployment, and you begin to understand why the media is perceived as biased.

With coverage of the economy like this, it’s remarkable that consumer confidence numbers ticked upward last month. Or was that another story you didn't hear about because you get your news from the major media outlets?

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