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Just a Question Tonight

The Perlmutter campaign has taken a pretty smart tack, in my opinion, in the race for the 7th Congressional district: Perlmutter puts up ads highlighting his family and his values system, while leaving it to other entities--the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), for instance--to level the devestating attacks on Rick O'Donnell. Perlmutter can claim to be on high ground (however weakly) while still being sure that the hard-core attack ads still get aired.

For his part, Rick O'Donnell has also done the personable thing, with a couple nice ads about his geekiness and how much he's learned in the last twelve years. He's also put up a couple short attack ads on Perlmutter's positions, but they're pretty short hits, and not too frequent.

Which leads to my question:

Where the hell is the RCCC and the National Republican Party? If they were going to do anything to help out Perlmutter of Beauprez this year . .

now would be a good time.

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