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Championship Speculation

First of all, congratulations to the St. Louis Cardinals, world champions for the 10th time. Taking full advantage of a Detroit Tigers pitching staff that forgot how to throw to people without masks, the Cards took the series 4-1, bucking the historical trend of this rivalry in which twice previously the winner of game four lost the series.

Secondly, condolensces to my friend and Detroit native Ben: better luck next time.

And then, just a thought: I wonder if anyone has ever done a study on the effects of hometown championship winning with voting patterns. In other words, would the Cards winning the series improve the mood in and around St. Louis in a way that would effect the election which is now 11 days away? And, would that mood improvement translate into a marginally larger vote for the incumbent, Jim Talent?

Hey, in a race that's neck-and-neck, any little advantage could be huge. Sadly, while watching the game, I did not see any footage of Jim Talent sitting in the stands with a Cards' hat on and pennant in hand.

You know, gotta take advantage of any opportunity the world affords you.

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