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Campaign Ads We Need To See, part V

[generic GOP candidate--let's say Rick O'Donnell-- alone on screen talking to the camera]
Hi. I'm Rick O'Donnell, and I'm running for Congress.

This country has a limitless ability to foster innovation, create wealth, and encourage the participation of everyone in the American dream. If you don't believe this, you only have to look at the last five years.

On September 11th, 2001, our country suffered the worst attack by a foreign power on our soil, ever. [picture of burning World Trade Center] The impact on the economy was measured in the billions of dollars. [various pictures representing the different things talked about] As a result of this attack, the budget deficit jumped up, the stock market plunged, unemployment increased, and this country took on the necessary burden--and cost--of fighting the terrorists on their own soil.

But America has responded. The American economy has grown at over 4% for the last five years {somebody should get the exact number here}, home ownership is at record levels--especially among minority populations, the Dow Jones stock average set a new record high in early October, the budget deficit has been cut in half one year ahead of schedule, gasoline prices have dropped almost 80 cents in the last five weeks, unemployment is at just 4.6%--well below historical averages, and wages are on the rise--increasing by 4% last month alone.

[back to candidate alone onscreen] I'll bet you didn't know some of that. Why wouldn't you know that the economy was so strong right now?

Well, that's a question for your local media.

But a more important question for you is this: why would you want to change the policies that have led to this unprecedented economic activity?

Ed Perlmutter in Congress would vote to make Charles Rangel the chairman of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee. Charles Rangel has promised to raise taxes on EVERYBODY. A family of four would see an average increase in their taxes of over $2000 a year.

So the Democratic solution is to not just take money out of your pocket, but to do so in a way that all but guarantees that economic conditions in the country will worsen at the same time.

That's the choice you face on November 7th. I can promise you that in Congress, I will never vote for a tax increase on families, nor will I support policies or people that hurt small businesses and the entrepeneurs that make this country work.

My opponent wants to talk about something I wrote 11 years ago. I would encourage you to make your choice based on what is right for you and your family in the future.

Thank you.

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