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Campaign Ads I'd Like To See, part . . .

[Rick O'Donnell alone on screen with a black background]

I'm Rick O'Donnell, and I approve this message.

[Over O'Donnell's shoulder fade in picture of Ed Perlmutter hugging Nancy Pelosi at a recent event]

My opponent, Ed Perlmutter, has embraced Nancy Pelosi's call for "A New Direction for America." Let's take a closer look at that.

[over-the-shoulder newspaper clipping supporting this . . .] According to the Labor Department, the American economy has created over 4 and a half million jobs over the last three and a half years, resulting in an unemployment rate of just 4.6%; these jobs have been spread over every sector of the economy, with wages increasing steadily with job growth. Do we need a new direction on that?

[over-the-shoulder view of the stock market big board] The Stock Market has recently hit an all time high; all the major indices are up over 7% for the year, and with the Federal Reserve actions recently, there's no sign of it stopping any time soon. What would the new direction look like on that? Up? Not likely.

[over-the-shoulder view of generic military] Using tools that Congress provided, law enforcement and intelligence have disrupted a number of terrorist plots to strike inside the U.S. Do we want a new direction in that respect? When you consider that Nancy Pelosi hailed the short-lived ending of the Patriot Act, and wants the President to stop surveilling terrorist phone calls into the U.S.A., does a "new direction" seem like a good idea to you?

[over-the-shoulder picture of newspaper clipping] In 2003, the President and the Republican Congress passed sweeping tax cuts. As a result the American economy has seen three years of robust growth, and at the same time tax revenues to the federal government have increased so much that projections of deficit reduction are two years ahead of schedule. What would a new direction on taxes look like?

My opponent, Ed Perlmutter, is a good man and an honorable public servant. [newspaper clipping] But there's a reason the Denver Post described him as "a Democrat's Democrat." If he gets sent to Washington, he'll become Nancy Pelosi's Democrat, and that means higher taxes, which will slow down the American economy, and that means further interference with the jobs of the people who protect this country every day.

I'm Rick O'Donnell, and I'm asking for your vote, because the American journey is a long one, at times difficult, and simply changing directions without knowing where you're going is usually a recipe for disaster.

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