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Campaign Ads I'd Like To See, part VI

It would seem the Perlmutter campaign has gotten inside the O'Donnell campaign's OODA Loop. Before the O'Donnell camp could be done talking about an 11-year old essay and get back on even ground, the Perlmutter camp--excuse me, the Democratic National Committee--has moved on to new ground: stem cell research.

I saw the ad during the evening news; the theme is the same--one more vote for George Bush's agenda; but the target is embryonic stem cell research. And, I have to admit, it's a very effective ad. The conclusion is that Rick O'Donnell would choose his radical agenda over the life of her (sad-faced young girl with some disease), or of him (sad-faced old man who we assume has Alzheimer's Disease).

Unless the O'Donnell campaign responds--quickly and with devestating effect--this ad could be the end of this campaign.

Sooo . . . . .

[Rick O'Donnell alone on screen, talking to the camera] Hi. I'm Rick O'Donnell, and I'm running for Congress.

My opponent, Ed Perlmutter, with his deep-pocketed friends back in Washington, have recently run ads criticizing something I wrote more than a decade ago, and criticizing my position on embryonic stem cell research.

What that ad doesn't mention is that embryonic stem cell research, by ALL accounts, is at least a generation away from rendering cures for anything; what that ad also doesn't mention is that adult stem cell research and umbilical cord stem cell research are both way out in front of embryonic stem cell research; what that ad also doesn't mention is that adult stem cell research could render cures for diseases much sooner, and without the ethical complications of killing fetuses; what that ad also doesn't mention is that Ed Perlmutter wants the government to fund embryonic stem cell research because the private sector has not shown any interest in funding embryonic stem cell research.

Why isn't the private sector funding this? I don't know, but I've never known the private sector to be slow to invest in potentially promising--and lucrative--cures.

But what that ad DOES tell you is what Ed Perlmutter and the national Democrats want to talk about--decade old essays and controversial, unproven technology. And that's fine--they can talk about that all they want.

In a day and age when a madman in North Korea, who has starved two million of his own people to death, defies the international community and develops a nuclear weapon, my opponent is welcome to talk about these issues.

Because what he absolutely DOES NOT want to talk about is how he thinks the CIA and law enforcement should get a warrant before listening to terrorist phone calls, no matter how much the delay may cost us. What he DOES NOT want to talk about is how he thinks the men who planned and perpetrated the attacks of September 11th deserve all the same legal protections--and more--that our men and women in uniform have earned. What he DOES NOT want to talk about is how he has said his first act as a congressman would be to sign on as a sponsor of a bill that would force an immediate retreat from Iraq, regardless of the fact that by the terrorists own admission we've killed more than 4,000 of them there.

In other words, what my opponent DOES NOT want to talk about is keeping America safe. And in an age when a regime whose number one export is weapons technology has just developed a nuclear bomb, I find that attitude, well, radical.

Probably a little long. But it's about damn time, in my humble opinion, that the GOP took the gloves off. We're already getting massively outspent; let's at least hit hard when we do swing.

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