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Campaign Ads I'd Like To See, part IV

also known as .. . .

Campaign Ads We NEED To See Before It's All Too Late

[Photo of Gubernatorial Candidate Bill Ritter with large subtitle "Democrat"][voiceover] As a District Attorney, Bill Ritter built a substantial track record of tailoring plea bargains for illegal aliens to help them avoid deportation. Candidate Bill Ritter announced in an October 3rd debate that he supports giving children of illegal aliens in-state tuition to Colorado colleges. This, at a time when Colorado's families are seeing the cost of in-state tuition skyrocket.

[split-screen Photo of CD7 Candidate Ed Perlmutter and Teddy Kennedy with large subtitle "Democrat"] When Congress began working on solutions to the illegal immigration problem in our country, Democrat Ted Kennedy proposed granting immediate legal status to those 11 million illegals. In effect, the Kennedy plan is amnesty, a mistake we've made before with disastrous consequences. Democrat Ed Perlmutter supports Ted Kennedy's Amnesty Plan.

[photo of Colorado state capitol] In May, Republican governor Bill Owens ordered the state legislature into special session to deal with illegal immigration, over the objections of the Democratic leadership of the legislature. During that session, Democrats killed in committee bills requiring a verifiable identification for immigrants, requiring verification of work eligibility, restricting certain public benefits for illegal aliens, and comprehensive immigration reform.

[photo of Capitol Building in Washington, D.C.] Responding to the will of the American people, the American Congress last week passed legislation to build 700 miles of a barrier across our Southern border, as a first step to stemming the tide of illegal immigrants. 160 of 205 Democrats in the House voted against it, and 15 of the 16 Senators who voted against it were Democrats.

[photos of Americans of all races and colors] America is a country of immigrants, made up of people from every corner of the earth.

[photos from pro-illegal immigrant rallies, especially of the Mexican flag flying over the American flag] But our forebears came in legally and became a part of American society. They worked hard and expected to EARN the American dream, which their children are now enjoying.

If you are concerned about illegal immigration, remember that actions speak louder than words. Remember that Democrats at all levels of government have acted to block immigration reform at every turn.

Remember, on November 7th, that only one party is serious about immigration reform . . . and it's not the Democrats.

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