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Television Review

I was curious about Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip, the new offering from Aaron Sorkin and Tommie Schlamme--sure, they're hopelessly liberal, but the West Wing was the smartest thing on TV for several years there, and A Few Good Men is a must-see movie. Plus, you put Bradley Whitford and Matthew Perry on screen together, add in a few quirky side characters (Amanda Peet and that guy from Wings) and you might just have some snappy television.

So I was pretty disappointed that the entire tone of the opening episode tonight was one of the cowardice of production people who refused to put on screen a skit insulting to Christians. The further we go, the fewer veiled references we get--and the more direct references we get--to the "wackiness" of Christianity. In fact, Pat Robertson was called a bigot and the title of the skit in question was "Crazy Christians."

Now, to be fair, there is one strong character in the show around whom the Christianity theme swirls who seems smart and funny, so perhaps she'll be given equal time to represent Christians in a fair light. But if tonight's tone continues for another couple weeks, this will quickly become a "must-miss" offering.

As an aside, I wonder why Sorkin has never written anything critical of violent, extreme Islam?
No, never mind--I don't really wonder.

I'm also curious about a show whose central characters are a good writer and a good producer, one of whom has a history of drug use? Just a little autobiography going on here? Maybe?

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