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Stray Sports Thoughts

And on a lighter note . . .

BRONCOS: Let's all keep in mind that last year the Broncos lost the first one in an ugly performance, and then barely squeeked out a win in the second week. The problem is that, until the fourth quarter against Kansas City, Jake Plummer looked like, well, Jake Plummer. And I don't mean that in a good way.

ROCKIES: Just playing out the string. And not very well. This team, which looked so good up until the All-Star break, has just been abyssmal since. Seriously, you can't have a center field position with a .270 batting average with 5 home runs and 25 RBI, and hope to win much. Todd Helton is 15 points below his career batting average, with bad power numbers, and we've had about 14 starting catchers this year.

CU BUFFS: Is it possible, just possible, that Rick Neuheisel was better than we all gave him credit for? At least the talent he left behind was good enough for Gary Barnett to win two Big Twelve titles with; Barnett left behind . . . well, they lost to Montana State. And, keep in mind, for the last two years of Barnett's term he started a QB that wasn't recruited and was five years older than his teammates. But as long as they don't bring back the baby blue uniforms, I'm willing to wait this transition out.

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