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Speaking of Not Getting Excited About Polls . . .

Some of you might be a bit dismayed about the recent results from the News4/Rocky Mountain News poll, which, among other things, show Bill Ritter holding a 17-point advantage over Bob Beauprez.

I have now read seven stories based on the results of that poll, including the one today that says Colorado voters support Domestic Partnerships by 58% but also supports a Constitutional Amendment supporting one man-one woman by only 52% (?!?!), but have not been able to--even once--find a link to the actual results of the poll.

Why do the actual results matter? Because in the actual results you see the demographic breakdown of the poll respondents. So, right now, we actual have no idea who answered the questions. It's entirely possible that the poll respondents were 50% registered Dems, 30% Independent and 20% GOP. It's possible.

So then you have to ask yourself, do the poll results smell right? Let's see--a Democrat with a 17 point lead in the Governor's race?!? Man/Woman definition of marriage at only 52%, when every other state that has had this initiative on the ballot has had a result of 65% or more?!?!

This poll does not smell right at all. And since they're not making the back story available, I think this is one poll not to get too excited about.

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