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Rockies Lose Again

Not that this is news. That's been happening a lot lately.

And I understand players playing out the string. Everyone in the clubhouse knows the season is over--no point investing too much energy in any aspect of the game except making yourself look good for the next season.

But it's entirely another thing when the manager decides to manage out the string.

What do I mean? First of all, can we all just agree that the Jose Mesa experiment has failed? Secondly, tonight I'm in the car for like fifteen minutes, and this is what I hear: Aaron Cook is on the mound in the sixth, and gives up two singles in a row, followed by a fielder's choice ground ball, followed by a triple, followed by a warning track flyball out; seventh inning, Aaron Cook still on the mound, leadoff hitter hits yet another triple, next batter gets a single, game tied. At that point I was lucky enough to get out of the car before I had to listen to the inevitable next hit, and the next hit off the too-late reliever which guaranteed another loss for the Rockies.

I can understand Clint Hurdle's reluctance to go to his bullpen, given the last three months. But, come on--how many hard-hit balls in a row does it take, regardless of pitch count?

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