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Campaign Ads I'd Like To See, part III

[voiceover, with onscreen picture from Perlmutter ad showing Rick O'Donnell with President Bush] Ed Perlmutter wants you to be afraid of Rick O'Donnell's ties to President Bush.

[show picture of Ed Perlmutter] Which begs the question: whose ties to him does Ed Perlmutter NOT want you to know about?

[show split screen picture of Ed Perlmutter and Nancy Pelosi] Ed Perlmutter is the choice to represent Colorado of Nancy Pelosi.

Nancy Pelosi, who has endorsed John Murtha's plan to declare defeat in Iraq and bring the troops home immediately--an idea which the National Intelligence Estimate describes as "disastrous."

Nancy Pelosi, who voted against funding our intelligence community in a time of war--in fact, just this year.

Nancy Pelosi, who voted against the reauthorization of the Patriot Act, in spite of its proven effectiveness in protecting the country against terrorism.

Nancy Pelosi, who voted against giving our intelligence community the power to listen in to al Qaeda phone calls to persons within the United States and who voted against trying terrorist suspects in a military court.

Nancy Pelosi, who even refused to condemn the public disclosure by the New York Times of tools used by our country to protect us from terrorism.

And, were Ed Perlmutter to go to Congress, he would vote to make Nancy Pelosi the person third in line to be the Commander In Chief.

Third in line.

Nancy Pelosi is a classic liberal from San Fransisco, whose view of America is one in which our men and women in uniform and the CIA pose a greater threat to Americans than terrorists.

Which may be fine for San Fransisco. But it does NOT represent the values of Colorado.

If a man is known by the company he keeps, Ed Perlmutter should get different friends.

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