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Campaign Ads I'd Like to See, part II

Onscreen picture of Ed Perlmutter [voiceover] It is said "a man is known by the company he keeps." Onscreen picture slides over into splitscreen with question mark. Let's look at the company Ed Perlmutter keeps.

[splitscreen picture of Perlmutter with John Murtha] Ed Perlmutter wrote on his website that his first act as a Member of Congress will be to add [his] name to Rep. Murtha’s list of co-sponsors.

John Murtha is a highly decorated Marine, a man who served his country bravely and honorably. But John Murtha has a history of being wrong on foreign policy issues.

John Murtha said that he advised President Reagan to go a different direction in Beirut [splitscreen picture of Murtha and remains of Marine barracks], that he advised President Clinton to go a different direction in Somalia [splitscreen picture of Blackhawk Down incident], and that neither of those moves were mistakes.

Except that both of those incidents have been cited by Osama bin Laden as evidence of American weakness [splitscreen picture of Murtha and bin Laden].

[return to splitscreen picture of Murtha with Perlmutter] If giving the impression to the world's most dangerous people that America is a "paper tiger" is not a mistake, then you have to wonder what Murtha would consider a "mistake."

And you have to wonder what other foreign policy mistakes Ed Perlmutter would sign on to so quickly.

If this is the company Ed Perlmutter keeps, do Coloradans REALLY want him to represent us in Congress?

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