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And Speaking Of Ads . . .

It struck me tonight, as I was watching television, that I sure did see a lot of ads for Democratic candidates on prime time. Two for Perlmutter (CD7), three for Ritter (governor), even one for Angie Paccione (CD4--northern Colorado, not Metro).

See, this struck me because I don't remember seeing even one ad for a Republican candidate.

This, even though I keep hearing what a huge money advantage the Republican National Committee has over the Democrats.

So, my question is this: where are the Republicans? I know they have ads--I've seen them. In fact, every day I get an e-mail from one of the campaigns that tells me what the candidate thinks and takes on the truthfulness of the other side's ads. But, you know, as the metaphor goes, I'm already singing, guys.

I'd hate to think the GOP gets trounced in November in Colorado because it sat on its ammo for too long. Or, perhaps, because it got trounced by superior money.

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