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Why This Election Matters

From tonight's This World with Neil Cavuto: [transcription by me--please forgive errors]

Neil Cavuto: Let's switch gears . . . Fidel Castro. There's people dancing in the streets in Miami, thinking he's dead or close to it.

Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY) : That's obscene.

NC: Why?

Rangel: Because, no matter what the force is, here's an old guy--you like him, you don't like him--but to be dancing in the street, hoping that he would die, so that you can go to Cuba, when you and your parents never even been to Cuba, is ridiculous . . .

NC: But if your family fled from Cuba, and you had relatives who were killed in Cuba, because they were against Castro--I'd be doing a jig, too.

Rangel: You'd be doing a jig, but I hope you wouldn't be expecting your President, the leader of the Free World, not only supporting you, but to be asking for money to overthrow Castro, not knowing who follows Castro . . .It's ridiculous to have an emargo . . .

NC: So, are you saying . . . you're FOR Castro?

Rangel: No, I want a Democratic change. But I don't believe dancing in the street and spreading our money in Havana and in Miami is the way to do it

NC: This guy has killed a lot of people.

Rangel: Well, I wonder how many people we're killing at Guantanamo. I mean, we don't have the human rights record to . . . .

NC: Wait a minute: are you equating Fidel Castro with what's happening at Guantanamo?

Rangel: You bet your life. If we're talking about human rights . . . .

Huh. Or, there's this view:

Professor Marifeli PĂ©rez Stable, a Cuban American who once supported the revolution, reflects on the costs of the Cuban revolution. "[There were] thousands of executions, forty, fifty thousand political prisoners.

But, in Charlie Rangel's world, holding 500 or so of the worst terrorists in the world in an awful confined space where they recieve a 4000 calorie diet and have their holy book treated with kid gloves while they have full rights to worship according to their custom (and full rights to throw fecal matter (and other excretions) at their guards) is just about the same thing.

Ladies and gentlemen, your next chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee if the Dems win 15 seats in November.

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