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Unfortunately, Some People DID Speak Clearly Today

Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA): Five years after 9-11, it is clear that our misguided policies are making America more hated in the world and making the war on terrorism harder to win

Sen John Kerry (D-MA): This event exposes the misleading myth that we are fighting them over there so we don't have to fight them here. In fact, the war in Iraq has become a dangerous distraction and a profound drain on our financial and military resources

Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV): The Iraq war has diverted our focus and more than $300 billion in resources from the war on terrorism and has created a rallying cry for international terrorists. This latest plot demonstrates the need for the Bush administration and the Congress to change course in Iraq and ensure that we are taking all the steps necessary to protect Americans at home and across the world.

Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR): It is important, based on past counterterrorism cases that did not lead to terror convictions, that we withhold judgment until all the facts of this case come to light. We also ask public officials and commentators to avoid using stereotypical and ill-defined terminology when referring to this and similar cases.

As the largest American Muslim civil rights and advocacy group, it is our religious and civic duty to reach out to all Americans to reaffirm Islam's teachings of peace, justice and tolerance for all. [ed: just a thought--maybe you should reach out to all MUSLIMS and reaffirm Islam's teachings of peace, etc . . .]

And all those wonderful, supportive, and confident messages coming after a SUCCESS in the War on Terror. Memo, people: WE GOT THEM THIS TIME!!!

And I won't even get into what the Left of the blogosphere is saying.

I swear, the Left has lost its mind. It lacks a moral compass and is so blinded by its hatred of GWBush that it is incapable of recognizing, much less celebrating, good news.

Their only advantage coming into the Fall is that their running against a Republican Party that has lost its vigor--like a vintage car that has no gas.

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