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Two Reasons To Hope . . .

that reports of Fidel Castro's demise are not premature.

First, of course, is I would LOVE to have access to Cuban cigars. Look, I try to limit my vices, and, for the most part, I succeed. But I do enjoy a good stogie every once in a while, and the one Cuban I've had in my life tells me that its worth it to enjoy the very best in that vice.

And, second, I am hopeful that there are more musicians suffering under the heel of Castro like this one that got out. If you have never listened to Arturo Sandoval play "I Remember Clifford" you are missing one of the great musical experiences ever. And by the way, when I say "hopeful" it's not that I hope they're suffering, it's that I hope the world will have an opportunity to know them when the dictator goes to the great revolution in the sky.

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