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Three Questions

1. If the Bush Administration policies have made America so much less safe, why have there not been any successful attacks on American soil in almost five years? For that matter, if we have been so distracted, how is it that we have managed to disrupt so many plots (Lackawanna, 8/16, etc . . .)?

2. Can you find a better staging area for action against Iran than Iraq? And if that is the case, as it must be, then how can you make the argument that we are in no position to take action against Iran because of the Iraq War?

3. If the Bush Administration policies are to blame for the proliferation of terrorism around the world in the last five years, how can you explain the comparison between the number of successful terrorist attacks against American interests during the Bush Aministration (1) to the number of successful terrorist attacks during the Administration prior to Bush (five)?

This, in response to the growing Democratic meme that the Dems would take a robust approach to the threats against us . . . .IF ONLY we weren't tied down in Iraq.

Which leads me to wonder why this argument makes so much sense to me but hasn't been forcefully raised by the White House. Perhaps I overestimate myself.

Or maybe the White House just doesn't care to join the battle. Which, in case they haven't noticed, THEY ARE LOSING.

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