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Thankfully, I Was Wrong . . .

to prematurely criticize the Israeli civilian leadership for its rubber spine.

Israel poured up to 10,000 armored troops into south Lebanon Tuesday, and separately dropped helicopter-borne commandos deep into the eastern Bekaa Valley where they raided a Hezbollah-run hospital and fought pitched battles with guerrillas, in a major escalation of the three-week-old war.

After the raid on the ancient city of Baalbek ended, the Israeli military said it had captured some guerrillas and hit others. The military statement said all its soldiers returned unharmed to their base, but gave no further details.

In point of fact, it would appear that the "cessation" of air strikes the other day was probably not a concession to anything at all; it was probably, in fact, a neccessary breath before the launch of bold ground actions.

Go get 'em, IDF.

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