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Primary Day

So there's this little election thingy going on tomorrow. Being in CD 7, I know who my Congressional candidate will be (Rick O'Donnell), and I know who my gubernatorial candidate is going to be (Bob Beauprez), and my State House candidate is also unopposed (Bill Crane), so tomorrow's not a very interesting day for me.

Nonetheless, there are a few interesting races to watch. Here's my VERY amateur read on what to watch for tomorrow.

CO CD 7--Dem primary: this has gotten pretty ugly lately, with Dottie Lamm and Ed Perlmutter slinging it pretty hard, while the third candidate has been largely absent from the debate. This is interesting in this way: Lamm has been labeled as, and to some degree has claimed the mantle of, the moderate in the race. In this crucial swing district, key to the Democrat hopes of taking over the House in November, it will be interesting to watch if the Dems put forward a moderate to challenge for the seat or if they try to jam a hard lefty through.

CO CD 5--Rep primary: speaking of ugly, the Christian Coalition of Colorado has been guilty of hurling some of the ugliest smears anywhere while trying to slime Jeff Crank and get their candidate, Doug Lamborn, through the primary. I think everyone involved will be happy to get this one over with. Personally, I'm going to join the chorus and endorse Mr. Crank for this seat, hoping to send a message that a. the 11th commandment MUST matter, and b. there is a price to pay for taking the low road.

Connecticut Dem primary--I'm hoping Ned Lamont wins this one. For one thing, it will encourage the nutters in Colorado to fight against their own (like the Salazar brothers) when they don't toe the line; for another thing, it will occupy an awful lot of Dem resources in the general election getting their guy propped up against the Leiberman independent bid; and third, though clearly the Dems have forgotten about it, I would like to imagine the cosmic justice of Joe losing this one after being a party to trying to get military votes excluded in Florida in 2000.

So, there's a few to keep an eye on. And then, let the games begin!!

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