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7th Congressional District Sees (UN)Welcome Visitor

Do you suppose the O'Donnell campaign will be using pictures like this one in the next few months?

Or how about this quote:

"His eye is on the ball," Pelosi said of Perlmutter after her speech. "He knows what he represents. He knows what he is coming to Congress to do, and that is to be an independent representative of the people." Which makes one wonder what the heck SHE is doing in town. SHE, who has rightfully earned a reputation as one of the most combative and effective Minority Leaders of the House. The discipline she exerts over her own caucus just about guarantees that an "independent representative" will not sit in high favor with her.

Two more points: if Pelosi values "independent" Congressmen, then where was her support for Joe Lieberman two weeks ago?; and only someone as far Left as Pelosi would manage to sound sincere describing Perlmutter--described in the Denver Post a couple weeks back as "a Democrat's Democtrat"--as "independent."

But my favorite part is the tacit acknowledgement of where the 7CD really stands.

Democratic congressional candidate Ed Perl-mutter showed up late and stood off-stage Tuesday as House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi whipped up support for her party and his campaign.

Perlmutter, . . . kept some distance from the San Francisco liberal whom Republicans feature in ads to remind voters of what a Democratic-controlled Congress could unleash.

This is why I counsel the GOP to welcome a nationalized debate in this election cycle. The GOP may have been ineffective as a ruling party for the last two years, but those other guys are JUST PLAIN CRAZY!!

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