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A Word About the Special Session

My elected state Senator recently sent out an e-mail regarding the special session which is going to start tomorrow; the basic gist can be summed up by these excerpts:

What more can we do during the Special Session?The biggest thing I can think of is to expand the law making it illegal for state contracters to hire illegals to include ALL Colorado contracters. If no one hires illegal immigrants, they won't come to Colorado. They come for the jobs, not the services. . .

This special session is more about election-year posturing and politics than it is about illegal immigration.

Well, um, yeah. It would seem pretty obvious to all involved that making it illegal to hire illegals will have a useful effect on the problem.

How about ending sanctuary cities? Oh, no. Wait. The Dems killed that in the regular session this past year.

How about limiting the payment of workers' comp to illegal aliens? Oh, no. Wait. That got killed in committee by the Dems this past session, also.

How about just some statement--somewhat unimportant and self-serving, but at least it's something--encouraging the federal government to enforce their own laws? Oh, no. Wait. That got killed in committee by the Dems this past session.

Well, I can see my Senator's point. It would seem that the Dems actually did do all the work they needed to this past session. Many of the really useful bills were killed, so . . .

what more CAN they do during a special session?

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