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Unusual Moment of Unity

First, me, from last night:

I'm not sure this would have been my first veto--six years in to my Presidency. And if it comes at the cost of expanding funding for adult stem cell research, I'm also not certain that that was worth the price. Besides which, I'm reminded of the thoughts of Samuel Broder, former director of the National Cancer Institute.

Okay, then from the Rocky:

the veto is a serious mistake on several levels. . .

given the impressive Senate majority that passed the bill and the House's relatively narrow failure to override the veto, it's possible the next Congress might pass a similar measure by a veto-proof margin.

And then from the Post:

Instead of using his first veto to hinder stem-cell research, Bush should have vetoed early and often on budget-busting bills and bureaucratic boondoggles that he has signed without a second thought throughout his term.

Wierd. I don't remember the last time that me and both dailies were more or less on the same side of an issue (though, admittedly, my position is by far the weaker of the three).

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