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This Is Why Democrats Don't Win Elections

As bad as Republicans are, and as ineffective as they can be as a governing party, they do have one massive structural advantage--they always run against Democrats. After all, elections are not referenda, they are choices, and that is one reason that I am less worried than I might otherwise be about the November elections.

Case in point: this "footage" mocking the President's arrival at a Denver fundraiser last week (click video screen to view). Honestly, if this is what passes for intelligent argument--hell, if this is what passes for entertainmnet--among the Left, then it's no wonder they so quickly descend into invective and screed. They have no wit or force of ideas to propel them forward.

Oh, yeah. That and they pick children like John Kerry to head up their tickets. Honestly, didn't a different President than George W Bush preside over the beginning of the Intifada? From Camp David? With Arafat in the room?

Or perhaps he prefers the peaceful model of diplomacy of an older Democratic President, who managed to not lose any hostages over the course of a fifteen-month hostage crisis. Of course, we as a country lost all credibility, the beginning of Islamic extremism gained instant credibility around the world, and the words "paper tiger" became part of the vernacular for people who hate America all around the world. But at least he was managing the economy; oh, wait . . .

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