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Sometimes It's The Inadvertent Truths . . .

That are most revelatory.

Take, for instance, this lede from the WashTimes this morning:

U.S. warns Iran to halt nukes or face 'action'

U.S. officials yesterday accused Iran of stalling negotiations and said the deadline has arrived for the country to halt nuclear production or face sanctions in the United Nations.

"We offered them two paths, negotiations or Security Council action,"

Yes, I too would put the word "action" in quotation marks, when the action in question is referral to the U.N. In fact, if I were speaking this, the quotation marks would be the sarcastic two fingers on each hand extended and flexing to signify the quotation marks. It's kind of like how I say the Colorado Rockies have gone to the bullpen to "save" the game.

Action and U.N. are not two words that belong together.

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