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A Modest Strategic Proposal

The numbers are mind-blowing:

:unemployment at 4.6%, lower than the averages of the last four decades
:since August 2003 some 3.5 million new jobs have been created
:wages are up--last month more than .5%
:the stock market seems to be holding steady close to the record, though unable to crack it
:growth in the GDP has been, at the very least, robust--5.6% last quarter
:and, as of today, federal tax receipts are up enough that the budget deficit is falling faster than projected, so that the deficit the President promised would be cut in half by 2009 will be in that condition in 2008.

So why can't the GOP get any traction out of a booming economy?

Because gas is costing Americans about $3 a gallon right now.

The GOP will not get any traction out of the economy as long as it costs more than $40 to fill up the tank once a week. So I would suggest that the GOP starts pushing back on this issue and this issue alone.

Why is our refining capacity strained? because the liberals haven't allowed us to build a new refinery in 25 years while increasingly demanding for more specialized blends, which tax our very limited refining capacity.

Why are we so reliant on foreign oil? because the liberals won't let us get at our own resources in ANWAR and off the continental shelf in the Gulf of Mexico and off of California.

Why is our economy so reliant on oil? because the liberals keep trying to sell us on "alternatives" that make barely a dent in our need while blocking the path to the solution that the French have found so useful--nuclear.

You see how this could work. While I would much rather focus our attention on finding solutions to our problem (which, by the way, could mean the end of the financial pipeline from America to our "friends" in the middle east and South America), the only chance at getting to a solution is to maintain the GOP majority.

And that will not happen if the GOP sticks to a strategy of talking about successes that aren't important to the people on the street.

It doesn't matter how big the spitwad is if you keep spitting into the wind.

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