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It IS Wonderful When A Lefty Makes My Point For Me

From Friday morning's WaPo, here's the punchline from Peter Beinart:

Privately, some Democrats, while admitting that they haven't exactly been taking the high road, say they have no choice, that in a competition with Karl Rove, nice guys finish last. But even politically, that's probably wrong. The Democratic Party's single biggest foreign policy liability is not that Americans think Democrats are soft. It is that Americans think Democrats stand for nothing, that they have no principles beyond political expedience. And given the party's behavior over the past several months, it is not hard to understand why.

Ouch. And exactly spot on.

What Beinart didn't mention was hypocricy--like Howard Dean calling the PM of Iraq an anti-Semite for refusing to condemn Hezbollah on the day after six Democrats in the House voted AGAINST a resolution for the same.

Factor in yesterday's bizarre protest of the PM and today's disruption of the Bolton nomination by an odd Code Pink activist; factor in the possible filibuster, though almost certain spectacle, of John Bolton's re-nomination to the U.N.; and factor in Cindy Sheehan's upcoming sit-in of the Presiden'ts vacation with a variety of communists and anarchists; you begin to get the picture that the Left is losing its mind. Only rarely to be held together by their ongoing hatred of the President.

It's 1968 all over again, and thy refuse to see it--or to see that there's a problem with that kind of thinking.

By the way, since we already know Sheehan is going to be there, could we PUH-leeze have a media strategy in place for dealing with her. Calling Tony Snow . . . your presence is needed!

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