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Bloggers Middle-Earth: Elrond [Extended]

Here's a first pass at the HH contest.

The face of Elrond was ageless, neither old nor young, though in it was written the memory of many things both glad and sorrowful. . .

Elrond was well-aware of . . . Power, of [its] potential and [its] history, and eagerly shared his knowledge at the Council.

I think of the blogosphere, and I try to think of one who is wise, who understands history, who observes all things, understands all things, and is able to put into historical context all things. I also picture someone who, at this time, remains effectively above the fray, though willing to advise all good people who are wise enough to listen to him.

And, of course, only one name jumps to mind: Michael Barone.

The author of the American Almanac of politics; who, while apparently conservative in his views, is not, to my knowledge, directly linked to any one political party or candidate; who looks at numbers and delivers analysis far more trenchant than anything else out there. The absolutely indispensible source for political information. Michael Barone is the Elrond of the Blogosphere.

That was, to me, the most obvious choice. The rest are going to be off-the-cuff little amusements for myself.

The Fellowship of the Ring:

Gandalf: Hugh Hewitt. It would be interesting to see where public influence and the blogosphere meet--I'd be willing to bet there are very few with the influence, the ability to shape events, the way HH does.

Aragorn: Michael Yon. Been there, done that, more interested in service than in power. Sounds like a Marine.

Frodo: Captain Ed.
Samwise: Powerline. (Not to imply a servant relationship, but NARN must be well-represented in the Fellowship)
Merry: SCSU Scholars (Hobbits must be from the north . . .)
Pippin: Peeps ("He will find his courage . . .")

Legolas: Glenn Reynolds Sees more than he lets on, though not by much, and was a crucial early link in holding the 'sphere together
Gimli: Yoni I believe the word is "cantankerous" . . .

Boromir: tragically flawed, but with reserves of strength and courage . . . sounds like a hawkish lefty to me


Eowyn of Rohan: Michelle Malkin for obvious reasons
Denethor of Gondor: Andrew Sullivan because I'd hate to be wrong about the obvious

Tom Bombadil: James Lileks "enigmatic", yeah, that's the ticket . . .

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