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At Least The Rocky Remains Sane [UPDATE: Both Papers Sane]

I was curious how the local papers would react to the escalation of agressions in the middle east. I was satisfied:

But Israel cannot tolerate another country - even a fledgling democracy -functioning as a safe haven for a group that attacks its troops and shoots rockets across its border that reach a major city. It has been a sad week for the Middle East, but also a clarifying one for those with eyes to see.

"Eyes to see," indeed. I find it quite illuminating that the reflexive comdemnation of Israel so long the norm from the Europeans and the U.N. has been missing over the last two days (though the U.S. did have to exercise a veto at the UNSC today). Perhaps, just maybe, the world has noticed that Hamas and Hezbollah are the instigators and, thus, unworthy of even rhetorical protection.

The Post has been silent on the issue, though, in fairness, its Friday edition is still not available online at the time of this blogging. I'll update as soon as I see something.

Also, curiously, the local Lefty blog has been completely silent on the issue, as well.

UPDATE: The Denver Post does wigh in this morning, and, to my surprise, sees the events for what they are.

We are encouraged by the restraint shown by Arab governments in Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia - who clearly understand that radical regimes in Damascus and Tehran were using the trusted catspaw Hezbollah to further their goals. Iran seeks to distract the West from confronting its nuclear ambitions. Syria seeks to dominate Lebanon and challenge Israel.

That's encouraging, even if their conclusion is lukewarm (at best):

Solid diplomacy and cool judgment from Western and Arab nations will be needed to control this crisis in the days ahead.

How's this: solid reprisals against terrorists and cold, calculated expulsions of terrorists from Lebanon will be needed to END this crisis in the days ahead.

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