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You Mean This Whole Growth Thing Works?

From Investor's Business Daily via Instapundit:

Aided by surging tax receipts, President Bush may make good on his pledge to cut the deficit in half in 2006 — three years early.

Tax revenues are running $176 billion, or 12.9%, over last year, the Treasury Department said Monday. The Congressional Budget Office said receipts have risen faster over the first eight months of fiscal '06 than in any other such period over the past 25 years — except for last year's 15.5% jump.

The 2006 deficit through May was $227 billion, down from $273 billion at this time last year. Spending is up $130 billion, or 7.9%

But I thought. . . well, hasn't the press and the Washington establishment been saying . . . but the deficit is a runaway train that only gets worse every time Bush et al cut taxes.

You know what it is? Democrats are pathologically incapable of recognizing cognitive dissonance, so news like this has no power to shake their foundation like it should.

Maybe those Senators on the wrong side of the Death Tax vote last week should take a moment to rethink their position.

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