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Time To Leave The Windmills Alone

I have been reluctant to join my fellow Alliance members in calling for Marc Holtzman to withdraw from the race for the Republican nomination for governor (see here or here or here). Partly because I understand what a tremendous investment has already been made in the campaign, and partly because I like Marc. The one opportunity I've had to meet him was an eye-opener for me--here was a very bright, passionate, and articulate man who was using some cutting-edge technology to supplement a campaign that had all the appearances of being extremely professional. And while I never endorsed either candidate, I was hoping for a high-level, vigorous debate that would serve to make the party stronger.

But I believe the time has come for Marc Holtzman to graciously bow out of the race and put his full weight behind Bob Beauprez.

This, following today's announcement that the Secretary of State of Colorado has rejected Holtzman's petition to get on the primary ballot on the basis of falling short in two of the seen congressional districts.

In and of itself, this is not a killer blow--Holtzman has five days to appeal, and it seems quite plausible that some of the rejected signatures were simply not matched up to correct addresses and county locales.

But this is not in and of itself. The campaign itself has gone through enormous difficulties with personnel, did not reach the 30% threshold in the state convention, which would have guaranteed him a spot on the primary ballot, and was asked by a sizeable contingent of GOP activists to step aside. This all adds up to more than just a killer blow--he is, essentially, buried at this point.

The campaign always seemed a bit . . .Quixotic . . . in nature. Marc has never held elected office, and other than among D.U. alums, is not exactly a household name in Colorado. And while there is a certain charm to the underdog, there is also something sad about refusing to notice reality, and something potentially very harmful to continuing this campaign.

However, I still believe Marc Holtzman has a lot to offer Colorado. He should start working within the Party to implement some of his ideas about youth movement, and to fundraise and oherwise assist GOP candidates to take back the state legislature, which could do a lot to move his fiscal ideas forward. He could build his name and reputation, maybe hold some lesser elected office, and poise himself for another run at the Mansion in four or eight years.

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