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So Much For THAT Strategy

As of this posting, 12:39 am on Wednesday morning, with 42% of the precincts reporting, Brian Bilbray has over 49% of the vote, while Francine Busby is sitting just below 45%.

Right up front, let's just stipulate that it's still early, I suppose. A lot can happen between now and sunrise. BUT, let's just say that this holds up, because most of the time, if this were the margin with this percent of precincts reporting, the Democrat would have been declared the winner. This seems to point out two obvious things as we look towards the Fall:

1. "Culture of corruption" is a pretty limited strategy

2. Immigration--both the good and the gaffes--IS a major issue, and one that Republicans cannot afford to get wrong.

I will be very curious to see the exit polls tomorrow, as well as seeing what the turnout was for this election, as that was also supposed to be a point in the Dems' favor this Fall.

Updates as available.

UPDATE: 1:19 am, 51% reporting: Bilbray 49.66%, Busby 44.84%

UPDATE: 1:46 am, 66.2% reporting: Bilbray 49.69, Busby 44.89. Wondering when this race is going to be called.

UPDATE: 6:34 am, 96.2% reporting: Bilbray 49.48, Busby 45.28. Game over, this seat remains Republican. And, once again, Howard Dean demonstrates his value as party chairman.

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