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Right Idea, Wrong Approach

As the Senate began debate on the amendment barring same-sex marriage, the president summoned supporters to the White House to hear his plea that marriage "not be redefined by activist judges." The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court has legalized same-sex marriage, and courts in other states have nullified voter-approved referendums that would ban it.

I believe marriage is the union of one man and one woman. I believe marriage is a Sacrament, instituted by God, affirmed by Jesus, and not particularly subject to the whim of judges in the state of Massachusetts or any other state.

However, the Constitution has granted the right and duty to decide licensing details to the several states. And it is in that forum that such decisions should be made--not Congress.

If the Senate were really interested in this issue, it would dedicate this week to passing a long slate of judges out of committee, to the floor, and through confirmation, rather than alter the Constitution to deal with this one, limited issue.

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