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My Letter to My Representative

Rep. Beauprez--

I have been very proud to be represented by you in Congress, and I wish you the very best in your quest to be Governor.

Regarding Resolution 895, I am dismayed and appalled at the lack of courage shown by the House GOP in not specifically naming the New York Times and Los Angeles Times. When the revelation of this program--in conjunction with the other damage done to the National Security by a growing list of stories about classified programs--ends up getting Americans killed, does the GOP really imagine that the two Times would be similarly reluctant to assign specific blame?

The House should summon the fortitude to hold the two Times specifically accountable for their roles in giving away important national security programs. Please take the lead in amending Resolution 895 or in proposing a competing resolution with real bite.

Feel free to copy this. I think a caucus that is unable to summon the fortitude to call a traitor out by name is also unable to expect me to get excited about helping get them elected.

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