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Interesting Read From An Unlikely Source

I almost never read the sports page anymore. I just don't have time. Besides, I get almost all my news online now, and that definitely tilts towards the "news" news and not the sports news. But today was a little different--I was in class (yes I'm taking some school this summer--thus my light blogging last week), bored, and the sports page was just sitting on the table behind me, so I read it.

And I ran into this most interesting article by The Post Sports columnist Terry Frei. Definitely worth the whole read, but I'll give you what got my attention:

I quibble with the widely espoused view that a major driving force in modern journalism is a "liberal bias." Rather, I concede that a more common phenomena is the rush to stake out "sensitive" positions and the accompanying quest to be perceived as enlightened, and that's not necessarily the same thing as a "liberal bias."

Not NECESSARILY . . Got that?

Actually, the rush to be sensitive, to be perceived as enlightened, is a quality held almost exclusively by "liberals." But, whatever. . .

He goes on to document the actual results of the allegations at C.U. football--that is, NOTHING--draws a contrast to the coverage of the Ward Churchill incident (more on this in a moment), and draws a nice little circle around the Duke Rape Case.

His point? The rush to be "sensitive" has caused an indelible scar on the reputation of C.U. and cancelled an entire season for Duke while permanently trashing the reputation of three young men with, apparently, no cause whatsoever.

So maybe in this process, somewhere, it should occur to these "sensitives" that they should be a little less careless about convicting peole in public--if so "sensitive" let's try not to just ruin people all willy-nilly.

Is there perhaps, a lesson in here, somewhere? Wait--it'll come to me. Hadi . . . Hami . . . Riditha . . . . No, seriously, it'll come to me.

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