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Will This Be The One That Finally Breaks Through? (UPDATE: Probably Not)

Tomorrow's job report should be strong, yet one more indicator of a robust economy.

One more, among literally a pile of evidence.

One wonders if good news on that front will finally break the stranglehold bad news has had on the collective psyche of the American people.

We'll update this at about 6:31 tomorrow morning.

UPDATE: Payrolls grew by 138,000 new jobs in April, and unemployment remained at a mere 4.7%; at the same time, wage growth over the last year increased by 3.8%, the largest gain since 2001.

That sounds like good news, right? Might cut through the murk, right? Not likely.

The 138,000 was less than the 200,000 predicted. Which gives the media the leeway to headline the story about the booming jobs market thus (from AP):

Payrolls Grow Smallest Amount Since Oct.

I should think Tony Snow's first, most important job once he takes the podium next Monday is going to be starting and ending every press briefing with the good economic news. The price of gas has not gone anywhere in three weeks--that story needs to be forcefully stamped out; the overall strength of the economy is getting buried, and the only way to put it out there is for every question to be answered with DATA demonstrating the strength.

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