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Weird Month Of May

On a lighter note . . .

The Colorado Avalanche got eliminated from the playoffs tonight, looking, frankly, old and slow in losing their fourth straight to the Mighty Ducks, 4-1.

Still, for a team that Sports Illustrated had pegged to not even make the playoffs this season, not only making the playoffs but taking out the number two seed Dallas in the first round was quite an achievement. Nothing to feel ashamed of for the Avalanche--a fine season.

And, of course, the Nuggets were eliminated in the first round by the Clippers last week, looking undisciplined and immature doing so.

For a team picked to finish pretty high this year, they showed their age in stumbling into the eighth playoff spot (only slightly polished up by the weakness of the Midwest Division, which gave them a better seed by vitue of winning the division), and then not being able to get a thing together against the Clips.

Normally, this would all be reason to hang my head, and put the remote away for a few months, at least until preseason football rolled around.

But then there's the Rockies, who, inexplicably, are leading their division and only two days ago were [gasp] EIGHT games over .500. Solid pitching, timely hitting, and a pretty good understanding of how the game should be played is fueling this little run.

Don't get me wrong--it's not like I'm rushing to Vegas to put a bet on them for the pennant. I'm just saying it's refreshing to have a surprisingly early end to the spring sports, only to find that there IS one more pretty good team in town to watch.

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