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This Does Our Side No Credit

Seriously, guys, can we at least TRY to act like we're, I don't know, GROWN-UPS.

The surprising dustup came at the beginning of a forum at Plum Creek Golf and Country Club in Douglas County that featured Holtzman and Democrat Bill Ritter. Beauprez was in Washington, but was represented by state Sen. Shawn Mitchell.

An intern for the Holtzman campaign, Laura Mendenhall, tried to block a Beauprez staffer, Jory Taylor, from videotaping the event. That outraged the Beauprez campaign, which says it routinely tapes such forums. . . .

A spokesman for Holtzman said Mendenhall had made "a rookie mistake" and gotten carried away

Frankly, this is just a little embarassing all around.

Though, on the other hand, gotta give the Holtzman campaign credit for the line of the day:

"We're sorry the girls in our campaign beat up the boys in their campaign"

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