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So Long, Farewell . . .

The West Wing had its final show tonight.

And it might surprise you to learn that I'm sad to see it go.

Sure, it was often painfully liberal. But you knew that going in--after all, it was a show about the administration of a Classic New England liberal president. What else would you expect? Besides, the show (at least for the first few seasons) almost always had one intelligent voice for conservatism on the show, and that voice would win a pretty good percentage of the arguments it got into.

And, of course, it did have its bad years--in particular, seasons four and five were mind-numbing--but so does almost every long-running show.

But for at least one hour a week I could be fairly sure that the television program would not have gratuitous sex (though ocassionally some clever innuendo), violence or foul language; and, as often as not, it was the only show on TV that even attempted to use a high school vocabulary. And every once in a while, there was actually an attempt to educate the audience about just how their government worked. I'm sure it wasn't exactly spot-on, but it was close enough for my comfort, and it was at that a vast cry better than anything else anyone has attempted (consider Commander In Chief . . .okay, you can stop now).

So, farewell WW. Thanks for raising the bar a little bit for a little while.

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